Dear Passengers;

Please make sure you take your baggage tag when you give your baggage and show your baggage tag when you get your baggage.

Please make sure that your seat number is recorded correctly on the boarding card.

You need to take a baggage tag for each piece of baggage. Our guests are responsible for the baggages without baggage tags.

Our guests are responsible for the valuable stuff (electronical devices, jewellery etc.) and any damaged stuff whose value has not been declared.

When undeclared baggages got lost, our company’s responsibility is limited to one ticket price.

Checkked baggage of each seat cannot be more than 30 kg. Anything more than 30 kg is subject to extra fee.

It is forbidden to carry dangerous (flammable-explosive) materials. (Liquit, radioactive and flammable chemicals are forbidden.)

Cat, dog and bird (except for dangerous ones) pets with vaccination cards can be carried on the lap of the passenger who owns the animal, provided with their locked cages.

Our guests are responsible for any illegal materials that are found during baggage controls.

If baggages are not compatible with baggage rules, tickets cannot be refunded.

Baggage allowance for guests with bicycles is 20 kg. The baggage capacity for bicycles is limited to 1 or 2 bicycles depending on size of the bus.

If there is no availability in the bus, our guests can look for the next trip to travel with their bicycles.